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In the ’90s we were totally okay with statutory rape (we weren’t really okay with it): “The Crush”

September 2, 2013


So, we’re back on the misogyny of the 1990s—well that was quick—but it’s hard to escape, what with the decade being so rife with it and all. 1993’s The Crush was no doubt sold to studio execs as “Fatal Attraction with a teenaged girl.” And they no doubt lapped it up like a…thing…that laps stuff (sorry, wrote myself into a corner, there). The final product, however, viewed some 20 years on is basically the story of a potential statutory rapist struggling with his urges. Well, the first half anyway. After that, it does actually become Fatal Attraction with a minor. But by that time I already felt like showering with acetone. Because if we were anything in ‘90s, we were terrified of women, no matter their age.
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