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Michael Caine builds a garage (and we all suffer for it): “The Hand”

October 27, 2012

What we have here is another installment in the subgenre of films I like to call “Michael Caine will appear in anything.” Because he pretty much will. His multiple Oscar wins and recent work with Christopher Nolan may have distracted the movie going public from this fact, but let’s us not forget this is a man who appeared in Blame It on Rio—a movie that makes Jaws: The Revenge look like a thoughtful and considered career decision. But, here’s the thing about Michael Caine: he’s working actor, and by that I mean he acts to make money. He famously explained his reasons for making Jaws: The Revenge, saying, “I haven’t seen it—by all accounts it’s terrible. But I have the seen the house it  built, and it is terrific.” So, what was his reason for making a killer amputated-hand movie in 1981? Supposedly, he needed a new garage. Man, I hope it was a nice garage.
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