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Guilty Pleasures: “Judge Dredd”

July 20, 2012

[For my review of the 2012 version starring Karl Urban click here]

God help me, but I love this movie.

I can’t really explain it. There’s just something comforting about this mid-‘90s slab of cheese. It’s like Taco Bell: you’re fully aware that by any objective measure it’s utterly terrible, and yet it seems to put so little effort into being good that you just think, “Eh. It’s not like it failed…” From a cinematic standpoint, it’s a nice time capsule of a curious period, when action movies were struggling to redefine themselves. The era of ‘roided-up monstrosities had pretty much ended with Terminator 2, and now both Stallone and Schwarzenegger found their stars on the wane as audiences embraced everyman heroes like Bruce Willis and Harrison Ford. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s response would be to punch an alligator, play the Terminator again, and then go into politics. Stallone’s response was to make increasingly rococo pictures starting with Demolition Man and continuing with Judge Dredd.

Still, there’s a lot I find irresistible about this very, very bad movie. Such as…
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