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Criminally Overlooked: “Spartan”

March 7, 2010

A couple of things work against David Mamet’s little-seen 2004 thriller Spartan, but the major one is getting people interested in a movie that stars Val Kilmer. Yes, that Val Kilmer. Of course, nobody has a problem with him exchanging sexually-charged banter with Tom Cruise in Top Gun, but outside the bathhouses and locker rooms of the US Navy, Kilmer’s had a decidedly checkered career. And by checkered I mean he’s done some bad movies and he’s done some atrocious movies. He also gained a reputation for being a Nobel-Award caliber asshole on set, and transformed from cruelly-handsome to Orky the land whale. But I urge you to put that aside—or at least remember this is also the guy who played Jim Morrison in The Doors–when considering Spartan, a nifty, suspenseful thriller whose prescience has only grown since it was released.
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