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In the 1990s beautiful women terrorized us all: “The Temp”

August 28, 2013


So, the first installment of “Back to the ‘90s” feature (for no reason other than I had it in my iTunes rental queue) is 1993’s The Temp. If forced to come up with a reason for the significance of this film—and, um, by definition I pretty much have to—I would point to the presence of Lara Flynn Boyle. After all, this film was meant to be somewhat of a vehicle for the up-and-comer (it wasn’t), and despite it, she up and came. The 1990s were very much her decade. She was introduced to audiences in 1990’s TV series Twin Peaks, and by 2001 she was headlining in a Will Smith vehicle. Along the way, she taught American women they should want to be skinnier than is humanly possible or remotely sane. So, yeah, the ‘90s were good to ol’ LFB. And kicking it off was this…uh…well, this.
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