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Gunmonkey presents: “Back to the ’90s!”

August 28, 2013


The other day posted an article making the argument that the 1990s were one of the best–if not THE best–decade of the 20th century. This got me thinking about doing a retrospective of ’90s films and what they tell us about that (apparently) great decade. But then I remembered movies like Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and thought “fuck that noise.”

Unfortunately, it looks like it’ll be a while before there are any decent new films to review, so I revisited my ’90s idea, and, well, yeah I guess I’m doing that now.

So, crank the Kriss Kross, break out your garishly-colored ties, your double-breasted suits, and your ridiculously high-waisted jeans, because for the next week (or so) we are travelling back to the heady days of Bill Clinton, Arsenio Hall, Kevin Costner and Slobodan Milosevic! Woo-hoo!

First up: The Temp (1993)

Next: We jack in with Johnny Mnemonic (1995), It’s not as dirty as it sounds.

And then: We get dirty with The Crush (1993)

We move on to Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1991)

Before coming to Hard Target (1993)

From there we revisit my review of Hardware (1990)

Before we move on to I Come in Peace (1990)