Michael Mann Week!

August 10, 2009

Collateral-LebensgefahrWell, it looks like Michael Mann weekend has turned into Michael Mann week. I’d originally intended just to do a double-whammy of reposting the Miami Vice review with the Public Enemies one, but I’ve found I have more to say about Mann.

Along with being a pioneering visual stylist Mann is one of the few filmmakers to explore the masculine persona onscreen. In his world, the characteristics of being a man are 1) consummate professionalism 2) dedication to craft and code, and 3) an existential alienation and loneliness that stems, in part, from numbers 1 and 2. If there’s a certain degree of martyrdom in this outlook, well, it’s at least preferable to most entertainment—and culture–which regard being a man as being infantile and sex-obsessed, with women being either the civilizing agent (i.e. Knocked Up) or, more often, the intractable killjoy who must be brought around the male way of thinking.  Mann is one of the few filmmakers that attaches to the male identity an overriding sense of responsibility.

On top of that his films usually feature great music, awesome gun-handling and at least one classic action sequence. So without further ado…

POST: “The Oeuvre of Mann”

POST: “The Women of Mann”

POST: “The Guns of Mann”

POST: “Why I Love Collateral”

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